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We believe that highlighting the interactions among health, demographic, and socio-economic factors within communities provides a broad perspective when evaluating county-level vulnerability to COVID-19. It is also the starting point for targeted policy solutions.

COVID-19 Community Explorer

US Counties

COVID-19 Community Explorer is an interactive map that allows users to explore health, demographic, and socio-economic characteristics of the US counties in relation to the total number of confirmed and suspected cases, total number of deaths, and their corresponding rates per 100,000 population. The intensity of underlying health conditions are shown in contrasting colors and the COVID-19 cases and mortality numbers are shown in bubbles. The average values for all counties are provided in the parentheses.

Most Affected Communities in Terms of Population Adjusted Death Rate

These 100 counties make up about 9% of the population and account for 47% of all COVID-19 deaths and 36% of all confirmed and suspected cases. Controlling for the population size allows us to compare and contrast counties based on the other dimensions (health, social, demographic, economic, etc).

Key Health and Social Characteristics of The Most and Least Affected Counties

Comparison of the 100 most affected counties with the 500 least affected out of the 2844 US counties by population adjusted death rate.

The COVID-19 Community Profiler was created by Ken Sagynbekov & Brittney Butler
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Raw data

Links to the data sources:
New York Times COVID-19 database
Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation & the Univeristy of Wisconsin Population Health Institute County Health Rankings & Roadmaps
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